Ingredients you'll feel great about.

At Lillabee we're here to help and understand that real, whole foods are essential. Our delicious modern snacks deliver the positive nutrition to support you in living your very best life.

So, grab a bag of Brownie Thins and look below to learn more about our health-FULL ingredients.




All Lillabee snacks are paleo friendly; meaning they are grain free, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. Truth be told, we honestly believe in the benefits of a paleo friendly diet for many people. However, we also believe that paleo (in all its many forms) is not for everyone. That’s why Lillabee snacks are also built upon the idea of enjoying food, promoting health, and enabling all of us to find our own way — wherever, and whatever it may be.


We are proud to offer delicious grain-free snacks that are high in protein and low in calories. If you follow a Paleo diet or just simply want more functional fats and protein in what you eat, we have your snack needs covered. Certified Paleo-Friendly means that our products and ingredients have been audited and recognized by The Paleo Foundation.


Nobody needs a sugar crash and so we created our snacks without refined sweeteners. Our organic maple syrup and coconut sugar have a naturally lower glycemic index which means you can enjoy our snacks without the highs and lows.